72 Names of God’s Light

What are the 72 Names of God’s Light?

This set of 72 specific 3 letter combinations of the Hebrew / Aramaic alphabet have been known to Kabbalah students and teachers for thousands of years, since the patriarch Abraham (of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). It is taught that these powerful names were used by Moses and the Israelites to part the Red Sea! And they have been used by various souls throughout history to bring miracles into their lives.

How is this possible? The Hebrew alphabet is more than a set of symbols denoting sounds, strung together to form words, sentences, and narrative, as in English . With Hebrew letters, sound and form are one. Used in both Hebrew and Aramaic, the letters act as antennae, drawing specific energies from the eternal Powerhouse, God, from the upper spiritual realms, beyond what our 5 physical senses can detect.  In Hebrew, the word for “letter” means pulse or vibration. As a TV receives and amplifies light and sound waves from a central broadcasting station, Hebrew letters pick up an energetic frequency from the upper worlds and transmit that frequency into our physical world. Full instructions are included in each e-book.

Fantastic? Try it for yourself. Prove that it works for you. Your transformation affects everyone. Our world needs as many of us as possible to transform our internal habits, our “garbage,” into diamonds capable of transmitting greater and greater amounts of light!

I wish you great success in creating a better life, fulfillment of your dreams, and everlasting happiness, for you, your loved ones, and the world at large!

Many Blessings, Much Love and Light,

Marcia Diane