Testimonials for 72 Names Visual-Mantras™

“The Names of G-D in your Books are working for me! My inner awareness and Soul Journeys are increasing rapidly. Thank You.” Abiodun Ohensa, Nigeria

Do not underestimate the power behind these names. I have always had a hard time controlling the “run away train” in my brain. My thoughts are continuously running from one topic to the next. When I meditated upon the 4th name in this e-book (Ayin-Lamed-Mem) for the first time in my life, I heard nothing but silence! This has never happened before. Please try this phenomenal technology out for yourself. You have nothing to lose and the world to gain!!! I am very much enjoying the 72 names, more than I ever thought. Your artwork + the Hebrew letters are amazing!” Jenn I, Gilbert AZ

#4 – Ayin-Lamed-Mem

“I have been delaying with my answer to your previous mail as I did not know how to tell you I did not do it (the meditations from the module ordered on Fear). Somehow I do not feel comfortable with KABALA story although it is the old science. Actually I have just tried the first one for one day (and my test subject was FEAR). I did not have time to proceed with the next cards and a few days later noticed that my fear has gone. So it miraculously did worked for me, and that is all that counts. With love and gratitude, and some more love and gratitude,” Vesna S, Belgrade, Serbia

“The first thing I noticed during these techniques of meditations, is that my crown chakra became very active. Thanks for everything,”  K Issa, Burkina-Faso

“I’ve found that I’ve had to take this exercise slowly as my mind adjusts to the breakthroughs that I’m experiencing!  I believe that incarnations of financial karma are being resolved here and now!  Details will come later, because I don’t want to dig up the seed before it becomes rooted, but I must say that I’m blown away! I am on the road to financial freedom here and now! My attitude toward finances is markedly different.  Because I’ve experienced the shift that has pushed me out of “financial funk,” my visualizations of wealth really include me as an active participant.  Before, I saw myself there, but I felt as though I was watching a movie with myself as an extra.  This visualization is a live stage play with me as the star! Much Love & Light,”Andi T, real estate investor, Washington DC

“Your Visual-Mantras are amazing and powerful. I have been meditating on the 72 Names of God for a year now but these images you’ve created helped me take it to a whole new level. These are by far the best versions of the 72 names I’ve ever seen. Right off, they are bright and clear to look at. The light is reaching through to me from the start. I can feel the light filling me from the moment I look at them. The light power jumps out at me and makes my connection to the Hebrew letters immediate. The results of my meditations with the Visual-Mantras are better clarity and much higher energy received. With the Visual-Mantras I am able to make a deeper meaningful connection. Thank you so much for asking me to help test the Visual-Mantras. Meditation with the Visual-Mantras is an amazing experience. Love and light,” Craig, Phoenix AZ

“Today I read the eBook on Anger by Marcia Diane. It consists of 10 meditations using the 72 Names of God. This eBook is a necessary learning adjunct to utilizing the 72 Names properly. The eBook helps to align your consciousness to the meditations and will speed your personal process to remove anger from your soul. I wish the reader much success in making their personal connections to the Creator and with his Blessing and Tools reduce Anger in their life. Replacing this passionate energy with the equivalent passion of Love of Man as demonstrated by the teachings of Rabbi Hillel and Rabbi Akiva. “Vahavta Lerayacha Camocha”! LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF! It is my fervent wish that this book and its use will help to bring the Mashiach!” Chanoch Ben Yaacov, Kabbalah teacher, www.yeshshem.com

“I use the cards by going through them and picking out a handful that stand out. Then I meditate on them. On Tuesday night, when going through major challenges, only 1 card resonated for me. This one card was dead on with what I was going through. It was remarkable! I did it again the next day and the same occurred. WOW! That is very interesting. I love them!” Rose B, Phoenix, AZ (I gave Rose a  set of the mantras printed on card stock)

Visual-Mantras™ Female Ascended Masters eBook

WOW ~~ Powerful! I love your kindle book! And of course, I love your artwork. Each of the meditations hold an energy of their own that is both gentle and powerful at the same time. I see each as a focus of inner integrity of the individual’s beingness. To me, I feel a sense of freedom that rises higher and higher, lighter and lighter as the words are repeated in the fashion you instruct. Beautifully expressed! Beautiful resonance, and very powerful, indeed.Barbara S. Delozier, Msc.D., Florida, author, talk show host, Crystal Healing: 2012 And Beyond, http://www.themetaphysicaledge.com